36 x aluminum tins 14ml

- Aluminium 14ml

- Slip lid

- Ø 39,5 H 13

- PACK of 36

More details

14ml Aluminum Slip Lid Can with a flat drawn

These aluminum slip lid cans are prefectly suitable for groceries, candies, tea and much more. These metal cans are also great containers for creams, waxes, pastes and other cosmetics. As they are made of aluminum, they can contain water-based goods. This aluminium container has a loose fitting lid. You have to add your own liner.


Model :

  • 14ml Aluminum Slip Lid Can with a flat drawn
  • Material : aluminum
  • Finish : clear lacquered outside / clear lacquered inside


Size :

  • Diameter : 39,5mm
  • Height : 13mm


Packing :

  • Sold per PACK of 36 pieces


Weight :

  • 0,108 kg per PACK


Remarks :

  • SUITABLE for water-based products
  • Metal cans shipped with lids
  • The indicated price is per PACK of 36 aluminium tins and 36 aluminum lids