24 x paint tins 1L

- Paint tins with seal caps

- Ø 108 H 132

- NOT suitable for paint containing water

- PACK of 24

More details

1.000ml (1L) Paint Tin with lid

Tinplate is the ideal material to build paint boxes. It is solid, durable and 100% recyclable.

You can easily open and close these paint tins several times, without loosing the seal characteristics of the cans. These metal cans are thus perfect for paint, colours, laquers and oil.

This model is NOT suitable for water-based goods.


Model :

  • 1.000ml (1L) Paint Tin with lid
  • Material : tinplate
  • Finish : metal finish outside / metal finish inside


Size :

  • Diameter : 108mm
  • Height : 132mm


Packing :

  • Sold per PACK of 24 pieces


Weight :

  • 3,024 kg per PACK


Remarks :

  • NOT SUITABLE for water-based products
  • Metal paint cans shipped with lids
  • The indicated price is per PACK of 24 paint tins and 24 lids