4 x Senseo pads can

- Senseo pads can (600ml)

- Silibag lid

- Ø 73 H 180

- PACK of 4

More details

Senseo pads can (600ml)

With its slip lid, this can can easily be opened and closed without any tool. This model is perfect to store tea and coffee, and has been designed for Senseo coffee of tea pads.

The cover includes a Silicabag that helps protect the the flavor of the products placed inside of the box. Your Senso pads are thus protected for a long time and will keep all of their flavor!


Model :

  • Senseo pads can (600ml)
  • Material : tinplate


Size :

  • Diameter : 73mm
  • Height : 180mm
  • Volume : 600ml


Packing :

  • Sold per PACK of 4 pieces


Weight :

  • 0,408 kg per PACK


Remarks :

  • Tin boxes shipped with lid
  • NOT suitable for water-based products
  • The indicated price is per PACK of 4 boxes and 4 lids