6 x round tins with a press-in lid 1300ml

- Round tin box 1300ml

- Press-in lid

- Ø 160 H 76

- PACK of 6

More details

Round Tins with a press-in lid (1300ml)

These round tins make perfect tea containers, coffee containers, rice containers, sugar containers or candy containers. These tea coffee canisters can contain dry food. They are not suitable for products containing water.

These tins have an airtight seal that makes them perfect for the packaging of filler, water-free waxes, pastes.


Model :

  • Round Tins (1300ml) with a press-in lid
  • Material : tinplate
  • Type : airtight tin
  • Finish : metal finish (clear lacquered) outside / metal finish (clear lacquered) inside


Size :

  • Diameter : 160mm
  • Height : 76mm


Packing :

  • Sold per PACK of 6 pieces


Weight :

  • 1,104 kg per PACK


Remarks :

  • NOT SUITABLE for water-based products
  • Square tin boxes shipped with lids
  • The indicated price is per PACK of 6 square tin boxes and 6 press-in lids