12 x honey pails 1kg

- Honey Pails 1kg

- Gold lacquered inside & outside

- Ø 100 H 117

- PACK of 12

More details

Honey Pails 1kg

These Honey Pails are made of tinplate, they are gold lacquered inside and outside. They have a very attractive look and make perfect containers for honey, but also for candies, sauces, jam and other types of food (even food containing water).

They can be opened and closed many times and have a complete opening (it is thus very easy to empty them completely).

These Honey Pails are, of course, produced under compliance with food law regualtions.


Model :

  • Honey Pails 1kg
  • Material : tinplate
  • Finish : gold lacquered outside / gold lacquered inside


Size :

  • Diameter : 100mm
  • Height : 117mm
  • Volume : 1kg (ca. 700ml)


Packing :

  • Sold per PACK of 12 pieces


Weight :

  • 1,344 kg per PACK


Remarks :

  • NOT suitable for water-based products
  • Honey Pails shipped with lids
  • The indicated price is per PACK of 12 honey pails and 12 lids